Easy and Effective As a specialist in Liposuction in Tampa, Artistic Lipo only offers the best liposuction available. We have perfected the art of liposuction because it’s the only procedure we perform. Dr. Su’s many years of experience, professionalism, training and education makes him one of the country’s highest-rated liposuction experts.

Better Results Tumescent Liposuction at Artistic Lipo offers better results than conventional lipo. Dr. Su is a True Artist, and he has perfected the art of liposuction, making him a true master in body contouring and reshaping. By using the latest techniques and developments in liposuction, his results are smoother skin, quick recovery and lasting results. We offer the following types of liposuction:

  • Liposuction Stomach
  • Liposuction Chin
  • Liposuction Legs
  • Liposuction Arms
  • Liposuction Back
  • Liposuction for Men

Safe Liposuction Don’t Chance Bad Liposuction! Bad liposuction can result in dangerous bleeding, lumpy skin, extreme soreness and long recovery time. Don’t take risks by consulting any ordinary liposuction plastic surgeon. Come to Artistic Lipo today to get the best liposuction results in the Tampa area.

Lipo for All Areas of the Body At Artistic Lipo we offer easy and effective tumescent liposuction, which allows precise control of the fat to be removed. Tumescent liposuction offers the following benefits:

  • No general anesthesia
  • Safer liposuction procedure
  • Minimal health risks
  • Quick recovery time

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