As a liposuction specialist doing only liposuction for the past 8 years, Dr. Su has performed over 10,000 cases.  And what he has found is that it takes a lot of experience and skill to produce consistently good results.

As a specialist, Dr. Su performs about 20 cases of liposuction a week, compared to about 2 cases that most general plastic surgeon perform in their average week.

Many people are surprised that a plastic surgeon does so little liposuction, however, their schedules are filled with tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and face lift procedures.

Liposuction is one of the most difficult surgeries to do beautifully and it is very difficult to become an expert at it unless you specialize in doing lots of it.

When you are looking for liposuction surgery you should have a Liposuction Expert.  When Dr. Su shares with people that he is a liposuction expert it is because he consistently produce results, which are very complete, very smooth, and reveal a very noticeable improvement in their shape, which leaves his patients thrilled.

Becoming a liposuction expert did not happen just because of the many surgeries he’s done.  It happened because he has always had a passion and dedication to performing the best possible work.  It happened because Dr. Su is willing to spend double or triple the time that most surgeons spend on doing the same surgery.  And it is a result of Dr. Su’s continual pursuit of improvement in his technique.

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