Liposuction Safety Tampa

woman-standingLiposuction using tumescent local anesthesia with the patient awake is the safest form of liposuction surgery, and in general is a very safe form of surgery.

Although some doctors do awake surgery, they may be incorporating sedatives by an IV or oral medication. At Art Lipo, Dr. Su keeps it as safe as possible and doesn’t not use any sedatives. What patients need to know is that liposuction is a surgery that breaks blood vessels and is invasive into the fat layer, however by using the tumescent liposuction technique, we allow safe liposuction for all our patients.

Liposuction carries with it the same types of risks of all surgeries performed in a hospital setting. The most concerning types of risks include bleeding, infection, deep vein blood clots, and toxicity from too much anesthetic. The surgical risks just mentioned are very rare but can happen.

At Art Lipo our complications have been extremely rare. After 2000 patients, we have only had one patient require IV antibiotics in the hospital.

We have only had one patient required a blood transfusion, of 1 pint only. There have been a couple of patients observed over night because of lidocaine sensitivity. The have been no blood clots ever. Fortunately, our patients have been blessed. Dr. Su is ever vigilant to keep his patients safe and will not perform surgery on any patients if he deems that there are increased risks. Dr. Su encourages all prospective patients to ask questions freely during a consultation. Call us today!

Fly In For Surgery

If you are considering having a procedure performed by Dr. Su and are not located in the Tampa Bay area, we have tailored a fly-in program for many of our patients who come from all over the world. Our office is conveniently located near Tampa International Airport. Our patients are provided with hotel lists, and a list of concierge services to create a comfortable time in Florida to meet their individualized recovery needs.

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