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 Tampa VASER Lipo

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

“Beauty is only skin deep”, you’ve probably heard this expression a time or two over the years. While on a physiological level this old proverb is true enough, it doesn’t quite cover the complexity of the human psyche and the psychological effects our self-image can have on our emotions and self-esteem. Having low self-esteem can affect an individual’s inner well being immensely, not only this, it can often negatively affect their relations with those around them.

Sure, exercising and dieting is typically the most effective solution to gain control of your physique and restore confidence and a more positive outlook. Yet for some, no matter how much they work out and eat right, they can never quite achieve the body they desire. Problem areas like saddlebags and overstretched, excessive skin can all be very stubborn and virtually impossible to eliminate through diet and exercise alone.

These problematic regions of the body can be targeted with precision using Liposuction. There are a number of different Liposuction techniques that surgeons employ, and as medical technology improves with each year, treatments continue to evolve and become more refined. In all Liposuction procedures, including tumescent, laser and ultrasonic, a tube or cannula is inserted into the fat through small incisions. This device is attached to a suction pump and is then used to suction out fatty deposits. Which Lipo procedure is best for you will depend largely on your surgeon and your individual needs as a patient.

Dr. Su typically only performs VASER Lipo on his more difficult patients whose bodies have denser and more fibrous fat. This type of fat is most common in the back region, male breasts and in revisions. Due to the fact that VASER Lipo is less likely to damage blood vessels than traditional Liposuction, it can also be useful for very high volume fat removal in more obese patients.

Vaser is an ultrasonic device developed by Sound Surgical Technologies to assist in Liposuction. It incorporates an ultrasonic wand used internally to pre-melt the fat prior to suctioning with a standard suction cannula. The ultrasound energy it uses is more specific for fat and thus the risk of injury to blood vessels, nerves, muscle and skin is lower in some cases. The company often calls its procedure “LipoSelection” instead of Liposuction, however, it is important to clarify to patients that this procedure is still Liposuction in every sense. The only difference is that prior to suctioning the fat it is melted with the ultrasonic wand.

There are certain theoretical advantages that VASER Lipo may have over standard Liposuction, such as leaving fibrous tissues intact and perhaps even helping to shrink collagen, which could be beneficial for patients with looser skin. In addition, according to the company, the VASER is supposedly the reason for gentle fat removal and quick recovery. However, in Dr. Su’s experience there is no difference in bruising or soreness with or without the VASER. The gentleness is actually related to the smaller and gentler suction cannulas used with the VASER.

The best advice that can be given to someone inquiring about VASER Lipo is to forget about specific techniques and technologies for just a second, and concentrate instead on finding the best Liposuction surgeon first. Above all, it is the experience, training and skill of the surgeon at the end of the Liposuction device that will make the greatest difference in your safety and the end result.

While VASER Lipo is very effective in quickly and easily melting fat, it does have drawbacks that limit its use in Dr. Su’s practice, including larger incision sites and often longer swelling during recovery. It can certainly get confusing with all of these different machines being advertised as the latest and greatest Liposuction technique, but just remember that all of these devices will still require you to undergo the liposuction procedure itself. The key difference is the approach taken to treat the fat prior to its removal. Since every Liposuction technique will in fact be a surgical procedure, it is most essential that you do your homework and find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has years of training and experience performing Liposuction procedures.

At the Artistic Liposculpting Center, all we perform is Lipo procedures. Dr. Su has truly perfected the art of Liposuction and is one of the country’s most renowned liposuction experts. New tools and techniques like Smart Lipo and VASER Lipo have merely allowed him to better refine and develop his skills as a surgeon. Complete our online form today to schedule a uniquely personalized consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Su

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