Liposuction, can it give you health benefits as well as curves?

Published on January 18, 2014 by

The great debate is on; does the removal of fat have a health benefit as well as an aesthetic benefit of being shapelier and having a more youthful appearance? With a background in Pharmaceutical sales for Pfizer Pharmaceutical, I am always skeptical when reading clinical studies. I know that the data during clinical trials often has a spin to it in favor of the outcomes the person doing the study desires. I’m sure you have heard sales people say “what’s the spin on this”. Don’t get caught up in the hype yourself!

Research presented by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Denver was aimed at measuring triglyceride levels in 229 people having liposuction. In people with normal triglyceride levels there wasn’t any difference but in patients starting out with high triglycerides, blood tests taken three months post-surgery showed a 43% reduction in triglycerides on average.

Wow! Shouldn’t everyone have liposuction to reduce risks associated with high cholesterol like heart disease or diabetes? As a liposuction clinic manager I would love that but is it realistic? Let’s look at some other facts. The study went on to say that they did not know how long the reduction would last or if this truly helped in the prevention of heart disease.

We hear all the time that the reduction of large belly areas has helped reduce back pain. That reduction of the inner thighs stopped uncomfortable rubbing during exercise and almost everyone experiences a boost in confidence and improved body image. Often seeing the curves that we had in our youth is a great kick start for a healthier lifestyle.

There are many studies out there proving that a reduction in belly fat has definite health benefits. But until we have more studies and a larger amount of people in the study, I think we should stick to the one two three punch. Diet and exercise for health with liposculpting for shape and self-esteem.

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