Smart Lipo in Tampa

Smart Lipo in Tampa

The Smart Lipo laser is a device developed by the Cynosure corporation to assist in liposuction. It incorporates a very thin laser cannula which operates within the superficial fat layer. The Smart Lipo laser was first introduced as a device to melt fat prior to suctioning/sculpting with a suction cannula. An unexpected benefit was discovered which was a mild degree of skin tightening that was previously unseen using suction cannulas alone. The skin tightening that occurs is felt to be related to new collagen formation in the skin as a result of the normal repair processes when the skin is given a mild insult. This skin tightening benefit is great for patients with mild looseness prior to surgery, or someone who may have mild looseness following large fat removal. It does not have as much benefit to someone who has very significant looseness to begin with. The skin tightening is modest and is not completely predictable due to differences in individual responses of collagen formation.

As far as the benefits of fat melting with the Smart Lipo laser or any other laser, there is much disagreement even among experts. Premelting the fat with a laser prior to suctioning is not something that all doctors find beneficial. The Smart Lipo laser has not made fat removal any easier in Dr. Su’s experience and has never been used for that purpose in his office. There are other devices such as the VASER ultrasound or fat disruptor cannulas which can easily and more quickly soften the fat. Dr. Su does like to incorporate the Smart Lipo into a liposuction procedure when a patient has mild skin looseness.

Since its introduction, the Smart Lipo laser has been marketed very effectively with claims of less bruising, bleeding and recovery time. These claims are more rightly associated with the local anesthesia and smaller gentler suction cannulas than to the Smart Lipo laser that are all being used in conjunction. Strong media publicity has only strengthened this misconception. Liposuction using the smaller cannulas will always give gentler results with or without the addition of the Smart Lipo laser.

Many other lasers have been introduced to the market for the same purpose as Smart Lipo. Although everyone claims to be different and better, they are likely all about the same as far as their real benefit. The names of these devices or the procedure that are being marketed are “Slim Lipo”, “Cool Lipo”, “Lipotherme”, “Laser Lipo”, etc.

Caution: If you are looking for a doctor to perform your surgery be cautious about advertisements that focus soley on a practice having the latest generation laser that nobody else has. Likely it is because that doctor has just started performing liposuction and obviously just bought their new laser. These doctors may have only performed a few cases prior to placing their advertisements around town. They are usually the ones with few or no examples of their own work. There are many novice liposuction doctors like this. You don’t want to be a practice case. Make sure to look at a doctors work!

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