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Interactive Lipo Method by Dr. Su
A Revolutionary Improvement in Liposuction Results

Most of the time when you hear words like “revolutionary” or “new and amazing” in the cosmetic industry it is just the next in a line of continuing products that really are just being hyped. In cosmetic surgery over the past decade, there has been explosion of new products promising to slim your body in a better way and many promising to tighten your skin. All of the “new” technology has been recycling old science: the use of lasers, ultrasound, and radiofrequency. All of these devices from Smart Lipo, Body Tite Lipo,  Xerona, SkynTyte Laser, I-Lipo, VASER, to many others all rely on one of those energy sources to deliver heat to try and injure skin and fat.  These devices are mostly hype and most skilled cosmetic surgeons will tell you that when it comes to liposuction shaping and sculpting that the real results come from the surgeon and are not dependent on a technology.

Liposuction results can leave you looking better when it is done well and looking worse when a surgeon is not very skilled. Liposuction like sculpting is performed with a simple shaping instrument. With an artist working on a wood sculpture this instrument would be a file or a chisel, but in liposuction, the comparable instrument that scrapes and removes fat is a cannula. A surgeon must be a sculptor on your fat chipping away bit by bit with each stroke of the cannula. His or her skill in using a cannula to remove and shape the fat is what determines how much smaller and smoother the new shape of your body is.

Imagine now, a new method that allows a surgeon sculptor to perform at his artistic best and gives him the extra sensory powers to feel what is happening in his hands better, to control the fat layer much better, and to see exactly what is happening in a way that wasn’t possible previously. This is also a method that allows a surgeon to correct and adjust for any mistakes or inaccuracies along the way. The results would be much better sculpting and even include some unexpected benefits.

Benefits of Interactive Lipo

A Bigger Difference–Everyone seeking liposuction would like to see the biggest difference possible. What they don’t realize is that most surgeons on average only remove about half of the fat from the area being treated. They are taught that removing the fat more completely from the layer just below the skin (the superficial layer) will result in a much bumpier and irregular surface. They are taught to leave the surface layer behind to hide any sculpting flaws. This is a real possibility from most surgeons because of the difficulty in controlling fat. However, with the Interactive Lipo Method, this difficulty is overcome and fat can be removed much more completely without the fear of lumpiness. Dr. Su’s average removal is about 80-90%. No surgeon should remove the last 10% of fat closest to the skin because that would injure the nerves and blood vessels that are concentrated in this area.

Smoother Finer Sculpting – As mentioned above smoothness is a major concern in liposuction for all surgeons and patients, but is not always the end result. There are difficulties that are related to the fat being fibrous, or the skin not being tight or smooth. These factors affect the control of the sculpting. The Interactive Method mitigates these issues by giving a surgeon much better command to keep the surface smooth along the way, and also perform “fine sculpting” that can eliminate or smooth ridges or bulges that were present to begin with. The end result is a new smaller area, but with a better shape, and great blending into surrounding areas, not just a gross debulking as is commonly seen with other surgeons.

Skin Tightening Liposuction – An amazing thing happens when fat is sculpted in a very comprehensive fashion with the methods that Dr. Su created. The skin tightens tremendously! One of the holy grails of liposuction is to be able to tighten skin as we get rid of fat. Until now, the barrage of new technologies has barely been able to make a noticeable effect of skin tightening using lasers, ultrasounds, etc. These other methods promise to tighten skin in several months as new collagen and tightening takes effect. Until now, the research proving the skin tightening relies on micromeasurements of a ruler, not on simple evaluation by plain sight. Dr. Su’s Interactive Lipo, however, creates noticeable sculpting results that not only tighten skin tremendously, but does it in a matter of days. Even after most sculpting is completed, the skin immediately can be seen to have tightened an average of more than 50%, and by the next day usually another 20%. These are visible results that make patients and other doctors wonder “what happened to the loose skin”? It’s not magic. It’s very explainable. However, it’s something that almost no other doctors know about or know how to do. Dr. Su lectures on this topic at different national cosmetic surgery societies including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians.

High Definition Muscle Tone – When a surgeon has extreme control of the sculpting, then he or she can sculpt completely as discussed above. The sculpting can be done smoothly. This gives rise to the ability to sculpt so finely that muscle contours can be followed and revealed in different cases. For men that have well developed musculature on their abdomen, six pack abs can be revealed. This is not the fake six pack that some surgeons create by injecting fat under the muscle. It is simply taking away fat more accurately. Another, example of high definition muscle tone is in the Celebrity Arms Liposuction that Dr. Su performs to create sculpted toned contours of the arm, while also tightening the skin in this area. His patients look like they have been to the gym and created a lot of muscle definition when in fact they already had the muscle and just needed the fat to be finely sculpted away.

Why is this called Interactive Lipo?  What is it like?

The name interactive lipo describes the process by which the patient’s participation is needed during the surgery to assist the surgeon in creating their best results. The surgeon in a sense is like a personal trainer and the patient is the trainee. Some people have even jokingly called this “boot camp” lipo or compared it to pilates. What Dr. Su adds to the awake liposuction method that has been around for over 30 years is a new level of patient interaction. He asks his patients to get into different body positions and hold muscles tensed in an isometric like exercise. He also asks his patient to flex specific muscle groups that he is working over. He has his patients stand up periodically throughout the surgery to check the progress in front of a mirror so that Dr. Su and the patient may check the progess. Patients are awake and fully alert, but they are comfortable. The anesthetic we use is a saline solution that we inject into the fat layer that contains a diluted amount of lidocaine. There are some pinches and stings that are felt but very tolerable.  The overall process is much easier to recover from and safer than liposuction under general anesthesia. Our patients love seeing their new shape and results immediately in the mirror and knowing it was done right, even before they go home.

Visit our gallery of Before and After to see the difference Interactive Lipo makes

We invite you to look at the gallery of before and after photos showing the results of the Interactive Lipo method that Dr. Su developed. Of note are several galleries demonstrating more complete results and skin tightening effects that you will not see in other surgeons photos.  Also note the smoothness of the sculpting and shapeliness of the patients.

Tummy Tuck Lipo

Arm Lift Lipo

Face Lift Lipo

High Definition Abs

Is Interactive Lipo hard to do for patients?

Patients often wonder if the interactive part is something that they can do. In the case of abdomen interactive lipo, the patient is asked to “crunch” which is like a mini sit up where they just lift their head and neck up. This tenses the abdominal muscle very well and most patients have no problem doing it. The other positions and tensing are even easier.  The tensing, if anything, reduces the sensation of discomfort and pain because it is more distraction or something for patients to concentrate on. The soreness after the procedure may be a result of the patient doing more sit ups than they are used to.

How does this improve liposculpting?

For those that are curious enough to ask how all of this works, it is quite simple. The method developed because of Dr. Su’s background as an artist who has rendered and sculpted the human figure. There may not be another cosmetic surgeon who earned a BA in Fine Arts prior to going to medical school. Being an innovative thinker, Dr. Su has been blending his artistic and liposuction skills for years to create the best cosmetic results. To Dr. Su, liposuction is not about suctioning and making someone smaller, it is about sculpting and creating a beautiful new shape. The Interactive Lipo method is all about creating the optimal conditions that a sculptor needs to do his best work.

Positioning and Holding – When a sculptor works on a object whether a block of wood or stone, the object must be stabilized so that it does not move when pressure is applied with the sculpting tool. This is a very important factor when sculpting on a body that is asleep or awake. The fat layer is very mobile, soft, and jiggly. If it is not stabilized it becomes hard to control and sculpt smoothly. Interactive Lipo is about the patient holding themselves firmly to act like a vice or clamp holding an object. The patients cooperation also allows for the most optimal angles and positions, that are not possible with a limp patient body which is asleep or just not cooperating.

Tensing and Flexing – All sculptors rely on their feel to determine what is happening at the interface of his instrument and the material. How much and how fast the material is being reduced and how the shape is changing. On a solid object like wood or clay, it is easy for the sculptor to have this “feel”, but on fat, where the change is happening subsurface where it cannot be seen, the feel is even more important. However, feeling what is happening in the fat layer is so much more difficult because fat is soft, mobile, and there is nothing hard below it to sense the depth. This is where tensing the underlying muscle becomes so beneficial. The surgeon can then hold the fat down firmly against the harder surface and achieve the necessary control and feel to sculpt smoothly and accurately.

 Standing and Visualizing – One thing that is clear to all surgeons that perform liposuction is that bulges, hangs, and contours are very dependent on gravity. All of these features which are seen when a patient is standing often disappear completely when a patient is lying on the surgery table. Therefore, without actually standing a patient up to see what the change is after doing liposuction, it is near impossible to see if the results are smooth and if there is any bulging that is new or remaining. Good surgeons have known about this and will stand their patients up to check their results, and then lay their patients back down to continue the surgery. Unfortunately, out of all surgeons doing liposuction with awake local anesthesia, probably less than 30% do this. This is based on polls taken at national conferences. Reasons for this are possibly that they were not taught to do this, or that they sedate their patients too much, or that they just don’t care. From an artistic perspective, if you cannot see a mistake, you will never be able to correct for it. Plastic surgeons who perform liposuction only with patients asleep will never have this or any other artistic advantage that Interactive Lipo provide.

What surgeons do this and where can I find one?

The Interactive Lipo Method developed over years in Dr. Su’s practice, but has only recently been revealed on a national level to other cosmetic surgeons. Training for this method by Dr. Su is now becoming available to other surgeons, but finding a surgeon in your area may be difficult as of this writing. At Artistic Lipo we have patients fly in from all over the world to have the best liposuction and to have things done that no other surgeons can offer like Celebrity Arms Lipo.  We invite you to come in for a consultation or do a consultation over the phone.

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If you are considering having a procedure performed by Dr. Su and are not located in the Tampa Bay area, we have tailored a fly-in program for many of our patients who come from all over the world. Our office is conveniently located near Tampa International Airport. Our patients are provided with hotel lists, and a list of concierge services to create a comfortable time in Florida to meet their individualized recovery needs.

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