About Liposuction Tampa


Sporty WomanWe understand selecting a liposuction surgeon and deciding to have a liposuction procedure performed on your body is a big commitment, so we’ve tried to cover the topics many of our patients bring up during their consultation with us. Please browse through the liposuction frequently asked questions below to find the answers to the most common questions.

What Should I Expect with Liposuction?

How Do I Choose a Liposuction Surgeon?

Am I a Good Liposuction Candidate?

What Are the Different Types of Liposuction?

What Are the Benefits of Liposuction?

How Safe is Liposuction?

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Fly In For Surgery

If you are considering having a procedure performed by Dr. Su and are not located in the Tampa Bay area, we have tailored a fly-in program for many of our patients who come from all over the world. Our office is conveniently located near Tampa International Airport. Our patients are provided with hotel lists, and a list of concierge services to create a comfortable time in Florida to meet their individualized recovery needs.

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